Welcome to Sacred Heart Priory in Brittany, where Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and Mother Exorcists work to serve God by exorcising dark forces from people and places.

la délivrance
passeur d'âmes

FlècheA religious group, of anti-concordatory Apostolic Old Catholic Church affiliation, and financially independent of the Vatican.

The prior, an internationally renowned worker of miracles, is the only qualified, effective agent in the fight against Satanism and Karmic debts.
FlècheVanquishing evil for 30 years!

  • The Priory Espicopacy is an ecclesiastical group headed by a Bishop duly appointed by our Primate Archbishop. According to the ceremonies and customs of our church.
    High ranking exorcist at Saint Pacöme Cenobite Congregation. (Headquartered in Belgium). And bearer of our Exorcism statement of purpose.
    Our clergy is known for its experience and numerous combats against all kinds of disturbance.
    - Expert in deliverance from voodoo, mysticism, satanic cults, and poltergeists. (European Countries, hot countries, Sub-Saharan Africa, South America, Antilles, French Overseas Territories, and more...)
    Exorcisms and deliverance are performed in a place of prayer. In the Sacred Heart Priory's private chapel in Côtes d'Amor.
Prêtres Diacres Evêque religieux expert en délivrance

Marriages, christenings, anointments of the sick and last rites are performed on-site in the priory's chapel. However, in order to avoid harmful physical or psychological disruption, which may be painful and dangerous for our physical bodies, Exorcisms can be performed remotely from our private chapel. At least five priests and Deacon Exorcists take part in each intervention.

These interventions are only available to the devout believers.


Remote deliverance and healing (Luke 7,1-10)


Do we need to receive Jesus to enjoy the health he can bring? This story shows that the most important thing is to listen, even from afar, without seeing.


The strange story of a centurion, a representative of an occupying power, who loved the Jewish nation and had great respect for Jesus. He sent some friends to ask Jesus to come and cure his sick slave. Jesus had never set eyes on the slave nor the centurion, but he set off to the centurion's home nevertheless. But the centurion had reconsidered, and sent more friends to tell Jesus not to come. « I do not deserve to have you come under my roof ». He only uttered these now famous words : « But say the word, and my servant will be healed ».

And so it is proven that dialogue, healing, and deliverance of the soul can be performed between individuals separated by distance.

And through political barriers between occupier and occupied, and social barriers between slaves and free men. Everyone got along and the atmosphere of trust and Faith made the slave's recovery possible.

The same can be said of every time a soul is delivered in the name of Jesus Christ.

As our Lord Jesus said :

« If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, 'Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you :

Be uprooted and planted in the sea,' and it will obey you ».


PLEASE NOTE! Warning :

In these times of financial crisis, BOGUS EXORCISTS and swindlers are proliferating online!Some of these charlatans are offering what they claim to be an amazing, secret, and unrivalled method of deliverance!


A method that is not in the least bit Catholic and highly questionable...


*Did you know that an Exorcist will never ask you for: Your nails, your blood, or your hair, to be buried in order to "divert the evil". Strange??


*Nor pronounce litanies in a foreign language, in a triangle with a dagger or sword. Weird??


These are the actions of covert witchcraft ! They are not taken from the bible and the teachings of Jesus..

*Our Lord Jesus expelled impure spirits through prayer and the aid of God our father and creator.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is represented by a white dove.

And that only the Bible, holy water, anointing oil, faith in God, fasting, prayer, and the crucifix of Our Lord Jesus Christ can vanquish evil and cast demons into the infernal abyss.


Don't trust religious websites with nice photos of churches and cathedrals.

Individuals claiming to be priests who travel only for your comfort... They have no fixed address so they can't give it to you!

No place of worship... no landline...

Only mobiles and PO boxes...



Flèche Some diocesan Catholic priests are extremely critical of independent exorcists, due to their company status and fees.


In France :
*There are two kinds of Catholic church: Diocese, whose priests are governed and salaried by the Pope and the Vatican.
*And some independent churches recognised by the Vatican: "Ecumenical". (meaning universal to the Christian faith).
nd those that are obliged to register as a company providing "personal assistance". To comply with French labour law. This is so that the priests are able to earn a living and cover their bills, accommodation, and costs. Like everyone else here on Earth.

Example : Monks or nuns in an Abbey or convent, where they make cheese, liqueur, natural products, rosary beads, candles, etc. are also traders and craftsmen in the eyes of the State, an people of the church because of their spiritual vows. /p>

The traditional church often plays down the need for exorcism. Due to this, they are satisfied with a simple 15 or 30 minute prayer accompanied by psychological counselling.But that is not enough to rid a soul of dark forces and the clutches of Hell.(Unless the individual is suffering from mere anxiety or fear of adversity).

Several hours of prayer, with support from members of the Priory, are required to amass great strength through the light and love of Christ, to destroy evil and shatter the pitch blackness of the abyss and deliver the victim from evil.

An "Exorcist" priest who simply invites a believer for a counselling session and a blessing IS NOT A REAL EXORCIST! He is nothing more than an church official with an office open for chats and comforts.

Flèche An Exorcist priest appointed by his bishop is a HOLY WARRIOR! Exorcists fight demons. They do not fight creatures of the flesh. They fight powerful beings from the world of shadows. They fight evil spirits that reside in the ether and here on Earth... They carry the burden of the evil and torment spread by the Devil.

  • Our experience in demonology, our perception, and your vibrations will provide insights and answers from our very first telephone conversation. If necessary, together we will look deeper into your problem, examining your worries and concerns to find the right solution.
  • The hereafter is a parallel world of light and shadow. You don't see them, you don't hear them. But nevertheless they are there.

Troubled by a malignant presence ?

Fear takes hold. Strange noises, unexplained happenings and failings. Livestock or pets dying, shops and businesses in constant decline. Persistent physical pain that modern medicine cannot relieve?Recurring discomfort ?

* Is it medical? Severe physical suffering ?

* Is it a demon? A deadly spell? A curse ?

* Or is it a Karmic debt from a past life that stops your current life from advancing

* Or some of your life's plans in ruin! Taken at a young age by a powerful, dishonest shaman ? (this may be surprising but is very common in countries whose cultures are based on voodoo).

We can help, Don't wait to get in touch. :

  • Mother Nina for initial assessments and appointments +33 (0)617 935 762
  • Sacred Heart Priory +33 (0)296 294 761
  • Sister Béatrice and Mother Elyse +33 (0)615 043 424
  • Abbé Pierre Contact by postal way
Mission du « Sacré Cœur de Jésus »

Be joyful to you who seek the Lord,
For he shows you the way of life.

Mission du « Sacré Cœur de Jésus » Mission du « Sacré Cœur de Jésus »

As the third millennium begins, the Lord recruits new disciples.

All those interested in a theological study of the celestial plain, dark forces, and demonology should contact Mother Elyse on: +33 (0)615 043 424.

All of our exorcisms begin with celebrating the mass.

The mass lets us call upon the grace of God and the Holy Spirit, and purify those present and protect them against the Satanic forces we are fighting in teleportation, and the resulting ubiquity.
Because the divine forces that crush evil lie heavy on the physical bodies present.

In the battle against evil, a beam of light, the DIVINE FLAME. The flame that burns and smites the occult evil, spreads throughout the chapel and guides victims' souls to deliverance.

When the curses and spells are broken, the victim's mind and soul is filled with peace and deliverance.
We pray for grace while the light of the angels descends, light which envelops the souls awaiting their blessing, forming a protective shield.

The ritual ends when knots of energy are bound, and the 7 archangels who represent the power of the Holy Spirit are invoked.
The final blessing is bestowed upon the souls and the place, which are saved by the cross and the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Vierge Lumineuse



Information for the faithful : Croix

Since the separation of Church and State (1905). Churches operating independently of the Vatican are funded entirely from their own personal endeavours.

*Some churches (including the Sacred Heart Priory) specialise in exorcism and deliverance as registered companies, in line with French legislation. Its religious members play an active role in civil life so that they may lead their spiritual lives.

The Sacred Heart Priory is a limited company and pays all fees, taxes and VAT to which it is liable. All services are priced including tax.

However, the Sacred Heart Priory remains first and foremost a group of Priests, Deacons, Reverend Mothers, and their Bishop. And the bravely accept their mission and calling: For Christian Exorcisms.
The priests are engaged in constant battle against the dangers of the occult and the malign forces of the Devil.
With an inextinguishable faith to save the souls that belong to our Father the creator.

Remember that regular, repeated battles against the Devil are extremely tiring, difficult, and physically dangerous, and may have an adverse effect on the health of the members of the Sacred Heart Priory.


We remind all of our faithful that we do not treat the ills of the flesh.

We are no replacement for: DOCTORS, HOSPITALS, PSYCHIATRISTS



For a personal consultation, please contact us my phone or by letter.

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