Welcome to the Mystère des soins sacrés in Côtes d'Armor (22), exorcism and liberation of dark evils.

Group of 5 religious.

Exorcism, rebellious, previous debt of life. Care and prayers to help those in distress in the office or remotely.

Vanquishing evil for 40 years against evilOccultism, voodoo and karmic debts

For those who can not move, or if your home is too far. We can practice at distance.

  • Extraction of harmful and dark vibrations
  • Issuance of voodoo
  • Reharmonization of the chakras
  • Elimination of karmic ailments
  • Purification of places and houses
  • Our spiritual experience in the face of pain and suffering Your vibrations will send us sensations and answers from our first telephone conversation. If necessary, together we will look deeper into your problem, examining your worries and concerns to find the right solution.
  • The hereafter is a parallel world of light and shadow. You don't see them, you don't hear them. But nevertheless they are there.

Troubled by a malignant presence ?

Fear takes hold. Strange noises, unexplained happenings and failings. Livestock or pets dying, shops and businesses in constant decline. Persistent physical pain that modern medicine cannot relieve?Recurring discomfort ?

  • Is it medical? Severe physical suffering ? Unexplained fatigue? Persistent physi-cal pain?
  • Is it a demon? A deadly spell? A curse ?
  • Or is it a Karmic debt from a past life that stops your current life from advancing
  • Or some of your life's plans in ruin! Taken at a young age by a powerful, dishonest shaman ? (this may be surprising but is very common in countries whose cultures are based on voodoo).
  • Is your pet overdue?

We can help, Don't wait to get in touch from 9am to 6pm :

  • Yda : +33 (0)766 658 638

Be in joy you who seek the light, it shows you the road of life.