Magnotherapy and Harmonic Therapy for the body and soul in Central Brittany.

Cabinet of Magnetism Therapy and Harmony by Divine Energies.

Opening: Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm. 

 Magnetism and harmonic therapy Body and Soul

The Priory of Sacré-Cœur, takes into account the whole human being on the levels of physical energy, morality and spirituality of the body, the soul and the spirit.

We work throughout France and Internationally for your problems relating to past lives and Karma. We are at your service in the domains of healing and all your periods of difficulty.

Our conviction is that there is no nobler action than easing human suffering

We are available to you for all pathologies, regardless of origin. Our Magnetisers get to the very bottom of your problems to eradicate their causes and roots!

So, please 1contact us.

Attention: Do not interrupt your medical treatment, only your doctor is qualified to interrupt or modify it.

Non-medical complementary treatments:


(Complete compliance with pre- and post-operative medical instructions).

  • Realignment of Chakras, cleansing of toxic energies
  • Tree of life cleansing
  • Subtle body re-harmonisation
  • Elimination of painful pain
  • Destruction of toxic and spectral energies
  • Cleansing personnal and profesional homes
  • Study and neutralisation of the various sources of toxic waves (that may impact your health)
  • Harmonisation and purification of living spaces
  • Pet treatments
  • Effective advice and help for all problems
  • Skin disease specialist
  • Therapy in accordance with medical monitoring

Relaxation by lithotherapy:


For relaxation, our Therapist will perform relaxing and soothing treatments. And, via the vibrational force of Stones and Crystals, energy cleansing and rebalancing. A genuine moment of relaxation and rest for the body and soul.

For any questions or information, please call +33 (0)644 987 043

Gentle and empathetic relations – Quality work that understands your suffering – Personalised advice.