A number of things are needed for a purification to be firm and effective...

  • The evil eye, provoked by a fervent hatred or destructive jealousy begins a downward spiral that brings great misfortune to the victim.
  • A series of medical, professional, material, or emotional misfortunes caused by a malicious individual (competition, neighbours, love rival, etc.)
  • The curse by wickedness or hatred is uttered by wizards. It can cross the years, the generations and the centuries. The illness, the trials, the misfortunes, the blockages and the dramas follow each other.
  • Pets or livestock can also be hit by disease and epidemics, we must break the spiral of darkness.
  • The insidious spread of the curse's effects takes hold over time, causing unexplained health problems (crushing fatigue, miscellaneous pain, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.)
  • Being around a cursed person can cause the same symptoms.
  • Negativ entities can enter victims during an astral journey while sleeping, under anaesthesia, or unconscious following drug use.
  • He soul may leave the body for a short time, and find itself in the mist of limbo. An unfortunate encounter may lead to contact with a demonic beast who will would and harm the defenceless soul.
    When it returns to the physical body, the victim is contaminated for life.
  • Larvae of the lower astral plain grow only in a person's subtle body.
  • Placed there by diabolical magic, they are programmed to destroy.
  • They may also appear during an encounter from the pits of hell, or through the imprint of a malicious presence.

Cursed fog

This kind of presence may eventually produce serious physical illnesses.

Demonic Larvae programmed to destroy

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Evil spell