Sometimes, after death a soul remains in the house where it lived, often caused by an emotional state that prevented the deceased person from entering the tunnel of light that leads to the afterlife.

Spirit Guide, purification of places and houses

Very often, these wandering souls remain stuck against their will, after a while. And being trapped between two dimensions places them in danger and causes them to suffer, and they begin to disturb the current residents..

This may also happen when you buy a plot to build a new house, when the place has in the past been witness to violence, murder, disease, drama, suicide, executions, battles, or was formerly used as a cemetery.

When these souls manifest themselves in things in your home, or on the walls, it is time to help them leave towards the afterlife.

 * The passage of the tunnel towards the divine light, must be reactivated, to open a door of energy and to give the spiritual impulse the force and the light to thus help the departure of the deceased.

Also useful against curses, or homes and shops inhabited by a negative presence (larvae from the lower astral plain). For poltergeists, a different strategy is needed..

It is important that you clear, exorcise, purify, and bless all of your home or workplace.

Please note  ! ermanently living in a cursed, haunted, or infested place... Gradually causes fatigue, isolation, and ill-health Over time, electrical devices and cars break down, and physical accidents happen more frequently. Family problems, professional difficulties, financial issues. Pets take ill or die, as does livestock...

It is not just bad luck, it is stagnant harmful or demonic energies that ate causing these problems to mount up.

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